Nov 1, 2010

great things come to those who shower

I'm sure many of you have noticed that natural phenomenon of inspiration coming to you or meaning of life being found while taking a shower.
there's something incredibly brain-stimulating in a stream of hot water hitting your face with amazing force for app. 10 minutes a day.
But this is not what I wanted to talk about.

Today I almost broke my leg, running to my cellphone when I heard it ring. - this is what I call "trying to keep my distance from someone".
there's been lot of thinking and re-thinking lately and all I came up with is to look at my life from a little distance - actually it's been a great friend of mine who suggested I should keep a distance from certain people and though I agree with her, I wasn't very successful so far. (hint - read that sentence in italic above)

but I should try harder.
I shouldn't worry about things which I can NOT control.
I should stop over-thinking what I do, because then I don't do much.
I should try to be more organized.
I should be less egocentric and try to see the bigger frame.
I should listen more.
I should write my diary more often - to avoid that chaos in my head.
I should tell truth all the time.
I should DO things I FEEL like doing - be spontaneous.
I shouldn't worry and be happy.
I should take it easy and chill out.
I should eat more fruits and veggies.
I should keep my distance from some people.

I know it's not NEW YEAR and there's no need for resolutions, but I feel like there should be some new start right now...

but Mad-Eye's CONSTANT VIGILANCE doesn't quite work when something comes by surprise and your phone rings just moments after you finished chatting online. And that special ringtone that someone special has on my cellphone doesn't help either.
I should probably just change it to the same tune I use for most of my contacts but I can't.
I love hearing that song too much.

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  1. highly intelligent post - you always impress me :)

    "I should DO things I FEEL like doing - be spontaneous."

    this really defines you and if you aren't practicing this what good is it? what if gain everything but you are hiding who you really are? even a little? - and more over - who you are in this context "being spontaneous" is really your best shot anyway! be yourself cuz you really are quite cool :)

    i'm going to canada to film the rest of alicia's story :) (off topic i know)