Nov 9, 2010

discoveries of the day - week-month -whatever

I played along last month - it's been a month already? - I don't believe that!, seriously?
and so I will play again

and so here it is...

✄ discovered tomato juice - and that I hate it

✄ discovered tomato juice tastes heavenly at 10 p.m. (normally I can't stand it but now I had two cups in about two seconds)

✄discovered it's harder than it seems to learn 3 months worth of anatomy in just two days

✄discovered that my MacBook has sharper corners than you'd expect from such a peaceful laptop (I've got a photo-proof - picture of my left hand little finger with a big chunk of flesh missing but that might be TMI so don't worry I'm not posting it)

✄discovered my iCal - calendar application - and counted days till christmas and then panicked - still not a single present hiding in my wardrobe

✄discovered that slicing tomatoes on my hand still doesn't work and cut myself again - but no blood no harm

✄discovered you can spend 2,5 hour-long lecture on biochemistry by writing a "one-phrase-me-one-phrase-you" story with prince, fill half of the paper and still be nowhere near the ending.

✄discovered that hugs from someone special still make me feel butterflies in my stomach


  1. Yay! I like your list.. and thanks for stopping by mines =]
    I was in my brother's van, and I was really thirsty, I saw an orange juice bottle and took a swig, once I realized it tasted funny, and was trying to figure out what was wrong with it. But, by the time I realized that it was a pee bottle from their latest road trip, I had already swallowed it all. That is the story of the pee.

  2. So glad you played long.