Nov 21, 2010

crazy crazy night and long long post

it's friday evening, you washed your hair and you'd start getting ready for the theatre but it's still a little bit too soon so you just sit on your bed and think... take out the ticket, check the title of the play, the date and time, row and seat... wait, what did you say before?
date and time?
yes...hmmm 20th november 2010 ... you check your iCalendar and call prince.

-hi, what date is it?
-I don't know...18th?
-what?, 19th...anyway, what does it say on your ticket? - when should the play start?
-no idea...
-no way! are you serious???


so we watched some movie and talked and panicked over the next day because we had tickets for theatre and cinema + 40 minutes to move from one show to another on saturday night.

and so I woke up on saturday around 11 a.m. made breakfast and washed my hair - again...then slept a bit - big sleep deficiency these days - it's rough at school.

we made it to theatre on time ( even though prince and girls weren't sure it's me at first, and when we finally found each other in front of the entrance we found out it's different building )

we made it on time - our seats on the other side of the room as the door, 8th row which was actually FIRST in such small friendly theatre where everyone was close to everyone (literally)...

the play was amazing! we laughed from the beginning till the very end (ten minutes later than planned).
and when we were about to leave, some guy announced it's time for discussion with the actors!!!
yay! 30 minutes till Harry Potter 7! half a city away from where we were right then and they want to hear our questions???

no questions please! oh Lord, no questions!
I was silently praying for a short awkward "discussion" when nobody would ask anything and which would end after a couple of minutes.

nay, this didn' happen.
we sat through 15 minutes of very pleasant funny and entertaining hell! counting every second... girls somehow managed to leave after only 5 minutes.

until this day I'm not quite sure why we didn't simply join them and left then.
Prince hiding his cellphone as much as he could in the first row texted the girls that we'll catch up with them asap.
and every time when the audience applauded I leaned closer to prince and whispered : one, two three - off we go! now!
and every time he just looked at me with his big puppy eyes and shook his head no.
he was scared like one-eyed chameleon crossing a tarmac road.
no no no..

I wasn't complaining you know, I could sit there with him till the end of the world and enjoy it...
but we had to go
movie was starting in 15 minutes and I didn't want to be late

and so finally when I said now, he agreed and we, with all the dignity and politeness left the theatre. and as we were getting really close to the door - I've almost started to breathe again,
one of the actresses very kindly exclaimed - please. say good bye to the leaving visitors.

from that moment on, all I remember is just running out of the theatre, with my coat unbuttoned and prince running behind me, laughing all the way to the car.

but we made it.

thanks to the fact that there are those annoying commercials at the beginning of the show
and thanks to the fact that there was something wrong with them and they had to pause and start over again, we had enough time to buy popcorn and find our seats and enjoy some early-christmas adds :)

after coming back from cinema at 1a.m. we watched two more movies and talked and ate some cold spaghetti (me, not so much - I just don't care for cold pasta at 2 in the morning thankyouverymuch )
went to bed at 4 - and such a good sleeper I am, finally fall asleep around 5 a.m. which explains why I woke up so late today.

it was perfect evening, perfect night, perfect week-end.

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