Oct 5, 2010

no diamonds please

have you ever imagined how it will be when you'll be asked to marry someone?

of course you did - all girls do that - even those adventurous types who as a child claimed they'll become astronauts and ended up on a veterinary college with a desire to cure cows and elephants. Yes even we do that.

and let me ask you something - even though you imagined it will be perfect and romantic and you had it planned for ages in your head, then, when your prince came and popped the question in some completely different way, didn't you instantly forgot about your silly imaginations and agreed with your love that he indeed found the best way to ask you?

yes, yes and yes. of course…

so now there's another question - why do we even try to dream it out when they surprise us with something better :D …here's the answer - because it takes them ages to propose and we have plenty of time to think. that's it.

so, the other day I've been thinking about the whole "diamond ring" thingy.

why does it have to be diamond?

the whole idea of getting a diamond/some other expensive ring suggests that it is in fact possible to measure someone's love by the size and quality of some rock. + it's so impersonal, and puts so much pressure on your man, don't you think?

.maybe it's just me…maybe other girls want to get a huge shiny diamond which would look great on their finger and which could be admired by the world, but to me, the idea of some simple cute ring is much more appealing.

wouldn't it be sweet do get a ring he found in some box of cereals ( like the one Ursula had in George of the jungle movie) or some nice little ring he won in theme-park for you? … because that's the purpose of the engagement ring - to be given as something personal, something with a thought in it.

You can't object to some ancient ring passed down through ages of time from grandma to her grandson or something. of course that would be the most personal and sweet thing to get and it wouldn't be the prize of that historical piece of jewelry which would matter - it would be the fact that by giving it to you, you would be accepted as a part of family worth such a precious item.

but I never really understood that fuss around diamonds and gold.

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