Oct 12, 2010

Dearest Miška,


for almost giving us a heart attack by slipping out of the front door at 8p.m. tonight, when it was absolutely dark and scary outside, when I was wearing my PJ's after taking a shower and when you didn't tell us a thing about any of your plans of GOING FOR A WALK!
GOING FOR A WALK??? what does that even mean???

the cutest thing - when you EVENTUALLY answered your phone was your question, asked with the sweetest innocent voice a 20-year-old-you can produce "why? I went for a walk."
HA! you didn't fool me! nope, not me! I use that voice myself when I know I'm in trouble!!!
and YOU'RE IN TROUBLE !!! just wait when I catch you!!!!

I walked/run around our block - wearing my flower-shorts-pyjamma-bottoms and black leggings underneath, with my sneakers BUT no socks and my winter jacket (which still had dry leaves from the roses we gave to Prince)

and then we walked/run back, coursing and yelling (me still in my PJ's - remember that! - it's vital part of the story) and I had to listen to B. complaining that she needs to go to the bathroom and it was freezing and I DIDN'T WANT TO GO FOR A WALK! so next time, will you tell us? just tell us you're going out, that you'll be back in 10 minutes - so when you'll be back, we won't be on the other side of the city still looking for you in our PJ's


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