Sep 21, 2010

first day of fall

...just a perfect day with ice cream, camera and prince...

we went for a walk, to the city center, he (the true gentleman - as always) invited me for ice cream - I wanted pineapple flavor ....gosh I love pineapple in every way... and he got a chocolate one (not a bad choice either :)
and I snapped few photos and we went back to school - as the lectures continued during the afternoon.

perfect day

and back here in my room, I was kind-of bored and so we (me and Miška) went for a run to local park - lots of dogs and runners and kids...
and Wewe got a new pair of wellies and they're lovely, and I'll need some too so we'll go and find some on thursday ...

perfect day

and tomorrow we have to get up at 6.00 a.m.

not so perfect but...

and I took a LOT of pictures but with my slow internet - this is the only one you'll get - for now :)

it's sunny
and the air is cold
skies are blue
and leafs fall off

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