Jul 16, 2010

daddy's shirt project / let the rock off begin

everyone has a shirt at home - it's the kind of shirt loved by generations (literally - I remember daddy wearing it when I was small and I wore it myself for years as my snowboarding shirt), it's been washed too many times to even see the size
and it's nicely soft and cuddly.

it served us well but...
the edges are a kind-of-run-down

buttons are missing

and those which are left don't match

there are holes on the elbows

and mommy gets angry because we(me and daddy) keep that shirt for years and years and wear it over and over even when we have new ones just lying on the shelves of our wardrobes... you know mommies, they don't particularly like old pieces of clothing hanging around the house...

but we refuse to let this shirt go, so I've decided to make a little compromise and turn the shirt into a dress - that way it will be still around but with no holes or missing buttons on it... I'm just afraid that daddy won't be able to wear it anymore, but as I know him, he'll be glad I saved our shirt and that I'm happy..

you need to pick the shirt you like - none is too old or too damaged, just pick the color you like
make the call - and ask daddy if it's ok to use the shirt
straighten the shirt on the ground/table to see it for the last time ( take couple of photos,say good-byes etc.)
4. turn it inside out
5. carefully cut off the sleeves, take your time...just kidding tear them off!!!

6. cut off the top of the back (along the yellow line - as seen on the picture)
7. cut off the front top of the shirt, close to one of the buttons/ button hole
8.cut the sleeves open (along the stitches to save as much fabric as you can)
9. cut off the end of the sleeves, keep them
10. fold the sleeve in half (put the ends together and cut it in half and cut off the ends as seen on the picture)
11.take the end of the sleeve and cut off the edges to cut it open

but cut one of them carefully to preserve one button-hole (if you don't want to make new one later - but that would just complicate things...)
keep the stripes of the fabric
12. fold the shirt in half and cut through the middle of the back
13. put second sleeve next to the back of the shirt to see how it fits and add left overs from first sleeve to fill any free space (you will sew-in this sleeve into the middle of the back)
14. call daddy to see if he could pick up 3 meters of dark blue ribbon (3cm wide)and 10 big blue buttons, on the way home from work
15.use pins to put the dress together
16. call daddy again to remind him about the ribbon and the buttons

update coming soon / stay tuned

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