Mar 29, 2010

late night ... early morning ... whatever ...

pizza left-overs, cup of energy-drink and pile of papers on my table (not to mention all the mess around it) and I myself am sitting on my bed cuddled in my blanket studying...
why am I even telling you this?
should I be sleeping?
yep, I should...
should I be ready for tomorrow today?
yep, I should...
am I?
nope, I hardly think so...
people say that Veterinary university isn´t hard.
Human medicine is hard.
Veterinary medicine is like nuclear physics.
thank-you-very-much I already know that, although I don´t think it´s such a success to realise this at 1 a.m. in the morning after one semester and first energy-drink of my life. I should have figgured it out sooner.
and you know what? I still love it here :)
where else on the world, would I see dirty wellies standing in front of the dorm-room doors when I´m taking a walk around the corridors of our dorm-building at night - talking to Prince M. on the phone?
where else on the world whould I see people in white lab-coats and corduroy pants walking sheep on the leash in the morning before first lecture across the school compound?
where else on the world would I be happier?

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