Mar 31, 2010

going home for Easter holiday

hey, guess what?
I´m going home today and
hey, guess what?! I´ve been waiting at the station for an hour,
and guess what?! I´ll wait here for next hour and a half
and than, hopefuly we will GO!!!

we had another "funny" Biochemistry labs today - we never do much there, but sometimes it´s really frustrating. I tought our proff´s going to cry.
it goes like this:
proff:this is alpha and omega of biochemistry!!!!
students: Zzzzzz...
proff: this is the mirracle of life!!!!
students: Zzzzzz....BANG! (someone has fallen from chair - still sleeping on the floor)
proff (half crying): at least say if you understand or not!!!
students don´t understand the question, don´t dare to look at the teacher -then someone says "yes" and we continue with the lecture about undiscovered mirracles and secreds of universe - students still sleeping.


fyi: the guy sitting next to me here at the station (where we´re still waiting for the bus) smells awfuly!!!! yuck!!!!

Lu says he really stinks!!!

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