Feb 8, 2010

not me monday

I don´t want to start like this but I absolutely have to tell you that I did NOT sleep untill 11a.m. today.
(Why does every Not Me post starts with my confession about how long did I sleep that day and why is it always sooo late, is a big mistery for me)
So anyway...it wasn´t me, nope, I woke up before the sun had even time to shine through my window (as I´ve shut the curtains before I went to bed)
I didn´t had my 2nd fried cheese in 3 days and didn´t eat it with bread because I was too lazy to bake some potatoes with it.
I did NOT go to the shop and didn´t buy jeans today and I´m certainly NOT happy as a child who got a new toy :)
I didn´t want to buy another pair of some colorful pants, and did NOT realise that there are no more colors of the rainbow left (ok, not literally this time) as I already have so many colorful pants....so I did NOT end up buying a pair of jeans instead....
I didn´t talk to Prince M. for an hour and a half tonight and so didn´t completly forget to eat my dinner and so I didn´t eat 2 cream-deserts now at 10p.m. instead.

and I´m absolutely NOT excited about tomorrow, when I won´t go snowboarding, as it won´t be only the 3th time this winter.

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